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har·mo·ny (här′mə-nē) n. pl. har·mo·nies 1. a. An orderly or pleasing combination of elements in a whole: color harmony; the order and harmony of the universe. b. A relationship in which various components exist together without destroying one another: different kinds of fish living in harmony. c. A relationship characterized by a lack of conflict or by agreement, as of opinion or interest: family harmony. 2. Music.

Harmo’s commitment and dedication makes the process of learning and improving faster and focused, this helping to develop a personal style. Years of experience and the will of sharing make of Harmo an amazing teacher, committed professional and a great human being.

The latest Tweets from Harmo ひ (@BfoHarmo). NTG’z ^?️?️?️ Paved The Way – R.I.P My Brothers Elijah And Shakur ?? Kur Block Demon ?. Kur Block Till The Floor Drop

Review of the Harmo Polar diatonic harmonica in the key of G. Here is a short blues improvisation "Sunny Boy" by David Herzhaft on a G Polar harmonica.


As the comprehensive manufacturer of molded parts removal robot and the related peripheral machines, HARMO has been building solid structure on customer service from product development through marketing.

<HarmO> is controlled by no less than 13 PIC microcontrollers (6 for the notes and the registers, 3 for the linear stepper motor controllers, 2 for the compressor motor, 1 for the lights, the motor control signals and the tremulant) and takes midi input directly. Of course the instrument can play standard midi files. <HarmO> was designed from the beginning on with velocity control, based on precise timing of an.

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We ship to all count­ries round the world no matte­r where you are locat­ed. We have a globa­lly harmo­nized syste­m which runs throu­gh every conti­nent and tailo­red to meet up with Clien­ts.

Glo To Christians: Display Love At Christmas – Nigerians, especially Christians, have been en­joined todisplay love to neighbours, family, friends and the needy in the soci.

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